Lavasa has established a pattern of promoting planned partnerships with prestigious, overseas
institutions that do not, ultimately, see fruition. Oxford University had at one time attached
itself to the project, but other, name-brand plans including future sports facilities have yet to
be officially cancelled.
The city has a better track record when it comes to construction; some sections are complete
today. It is thought that Lavasa will not be finished before 2020, however. When fully built,
its total population may be 200,000, and it will comprise four or five towns built on seven
hills. The first of these, Dasve, was initially slated to be complete by 2010[

although some
residences there were still under construction as of 2013. Mugaon, the second town, may be
finished in 2013, and as of May, 2013, construction continues. Work on this town began in
mid-2012. In 2013, the chairman of the construction company building the project confirmed
that Lavasa will include four large towns and one low-cost town