CONCERNED FACULTY : Mr. Mitesh H. Patel,Mr. Krunal K. Patel
STUDENTS: B.E. Mechanical 4 th sem

We take this opportunity to acknowledge that who has been great sense of
support inspiration thought, the academic visit successful. We are grateful to
our college for giving us the opportunity to have an academic visit to Ukai
Hydro Power Plant.
On the behalf of Mr. Jignesh Patel, Head of Mechanical Engineering
Department, Bhagwan Mahavir College of Engineering & Technology, we
thank the authorities of the Ukai Hydro Power Plant to give us permission to
visit the corresponding place and giving us sufficient knowledge about the
technical details of Hydro Power Plant, infiltration galleries and working of the
hydroelectric power plant. We once again extend our sincere thanks to all those
who knowingly or unknowingly helped us with the visit.