The tour began from the 05/02/2019 and ended on 07/02/2019. The main objective of tour was to understand basic principle and practical of theodolite.

Information about practical
In this practical students will carry out a loop traverse around the Rugby Ground or College Park using theodolite and targets. At each station they are required to take Face Left and Face Right angular measurements. On completion of the traverse they should calculate the angular closing error and distribute it equally across the angles. With their results, students should also include a report advising where the errors may have a risen in their work.
• The principle of tachometry is based on property of isosceles triangles, where the ratio of distance of the base from apex and
length of the base is always constant.
• D1/S1=D2/S2=D3/S3=f/I (multiplying constant)
– F= focal length of object and
– i= stadia intercept
• Proceed as follows:
1. Set up the theodolite on one station point and the target on the back sight station.
2. Sight on the back sight station and set the horizontal angle to 0. Record F/L and F/R
3. Move the target to the forward station.
4. Sight on the forward station and record the F/L and F/R angles.
5. Switch target and theodolite.