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    30th July 2018, Monday

Live India 3.0 Project

BMEF welcomes student of various countries and send Mahavirians to other countries through AIESEC. It is for sharing and gaining cultural and knowledge with the global exposure. Being Educational organization, BMEF is going to contribute knowledge innovatively through students of BMEF and EPs of various countries.


Students from Spain, Mainland of China, Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey and Indonesia with different disciplines visited BMEF campus in August,2018. The purpose of the visit was to create awareness about the United Nation?s Sustainable Development Goal to the students of Surat city at college and School Level.


A team of 4 students ( comprising of 2 International and 2 Mahavirians) went to School/College and delivered a presentation on the theme of Quality education and Climate Action.

The students would be acquainted with global exposure to how SDG no 4 (Quality Education) and 13 (Climate Action) are being implemented in different countries of the world and what can be done at the school/college level to get them implemented.

The duration of the talk was about an hour and target audience was from 9th to 12th std for schools and pre-final and final year students for the colleges.