Shift Intake
Mechanical Engineering 180
Mechanical Engineering -Shift 2 60

Core Curriculum:

1st Semester

  • 2110014 - Calculus Download
  • 2110002 - Communication Skills Download
  • 2110005 - Elements of Electrical Engineering Download
  • 2110013 - Engineering Graphics Download
  • 2110007 - Environmental Studies Download
  • 2110004 - Elements of Civil Engineering Download

2nd Semester

  • 2110003 - Computer Programming and Utilization Download
  • 2110011 - Physics Download
  • 2110006 - Elements of Mechanical Engineering Download
  • 2110012 - Workshop Download
  • 2990001 - Contributor Personality Development Download

3rd Semester

  • 2130002 - Advanced Engineering Mathematics Download
  • 2130003 - Mechanics of Solid Download
  • 2131903 - Manufacturing Process-1 Download
  • 2131904 - Material Science and Metallurgy Download
  • 2131905 - Engineering Thermodynamics Download
  • 2131906 - Kinematics of Machines Download
  • 2130005 - Design Engineering - I A Download

4th Semester

  • 2140003 - Engineering Economics and Management Download
  • 2141901 - Mechanical Measurement and Metrology Download
  • 2141905 - Complex Variables and Numerical Methods Download
  • 2141906 - Fluid Mechanics Download
  • 2141907 - Machine Design and Industrial Drafting Download
  • 2141908 - Manufacturing Processes -II Download
  • 2140002 - Design Engineering - I B Download

5th Semester

  • 2151902 - Theory of Machines Download
  • 2151903 - Fluid Power Engineering Download
  • 2151907 - Design of Machine Elements Download
  • 2151908 - Control Engineering Download
  • 2151909 - Heat Transfer Download
  • 2150001 - Design Engineering - II A Download
  • 2150002 - Institute Elective - Cyber Security Download
  • 2150003 - Institute Elective - Diaster Management Download

6th Semester

  • 2161901 - Dynamics of Machinery Download
  • 2161902 - Internal Combustion Engines Download
  • 2161903 - Computer Aided Design Download
  • 2161907 - Industrial Engineering Download
  • 2161908 - Refrigeration and Airconditioning Download
  • 2161909 - Production Technology Download
  • 2160001 - Design Engineering - II B Download

7th Semester

  • 2171901 - Operation Research Download
  • 2171903 - Computer Aided Manufacturing Download
  • 2171909 - Machine Design Download
  • 2171910 - Power Plant Engineering Download
  • 2171912 - Oil Hydraulics and Pneumatic Download

8th Semester

  • 2181910 - Renewable Energy Engineering Download
  • 2181916 - Energy Conservation and Management Download
  • 2181923 - Enterpreneurship Download
  • Mr. Jignesh Patel

Hod's Message

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at BMCET, Surat.The aim of department of Mechanical Engineering is to disseminate knowledge and technologies through quality teaching, research and its applications in mechanical and allied disciplines. 

Our goal for undergraduate students is to give them a high-quality engineering education that includes hands-on experience.Mechanical engineers develop state-of-the-art technologies and exhilarating solutions for the mankind.

Mr. Jignesh Patel

HOD (Mechanical Engg.)



Mr. Jignesh Patel
Assistant Professor M.E.-Jet Propulsion & Gas Turbine Plant
Mr. Dharmang Patel
Assistant Professor M.E.-Cad-Cam
Mr. Shailesh G Goyani
Assistant Professor M.E.-Cad-Cam
Mr. Kaikaskumar Sakpal
Assistant Professor M.E.-Design
Mr. Rahul Berani
Assistant Professor M.E.-Design
Mr. Narendra Dalia
Assistant Professor M.E.(Thermal Engineering)
Mr. Nitesh Chheliya
Assistant Professor M.E.-Cad-Cam
Mr. Vinayak Khalasi
Assistant Professor M.E.-Energy
Mr. Yamesh J Patel
Assistant Professor M.E.-Production
Mr.Hiren S Khalasi
Assistant Professor M.E.(Production Engineering)
Mr. Chirag P Patel
Assistant Professor M.Tech (Thermal Engineering)
Mr. Mitesh Patel
Assistant Professor M.E.(Thermal Engineering)
Mr. Krunal Patel
Assistant Professor M.E.(Jet Propulsion & Gas Turbine Plant)
Mr. Sanjay Chauhan
Assistant Professor M.E.(CAD-CAM)
Mr. Latesh Kshatriya
Lecturer B.E. Mechanical


CAD/CAM laboratory is the vital and fully equipped with latest 2D and 3D software and hardware along with experienced staff members to cope up the needs of our students from Designing (CAD), and Manufacturing (CAM).

A special guidance is provided to students of Mechanical engineering for subjects like Engineering Graphics, Computer Aided Machine Design, Geometric Modelling, Computer Oriented Numerical Methods, CAD/CAM, etc.


EME lab

EME laboratory is the vital and fully equipped with  4-stroke and 2 stroke petrol and diesel engine ,boilers,gears,cam profiles models with experienced staff members .



We offer wide range of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Laboratory Equipments for analysis of refrigeration cycle in different areas of application.


TOM -DOM lab

Mechanisms form the basis of any machine and it is an assemblage of rigid bodies so that they move upon each other with definite relative motion. Objectives of this Theory of Machines lab are to impart practical knowledge on design and analysis of mechanisms for the specified type of motion in a machine. With the study of rigid bodies motions and forces for the transmission systems, machine kinematics and dynamics can be well understood.

Demonstration exercises are provided with varieties of transmission element models to understand machine kinematics. Various experiments with governors, gyroscopes, balancing machines and universal vibration facilities are available to understand machine dynamics.


HT Lab

Heat transfer laboratory is designed by keeping in mind all the requirements to understand heat transfer subject at UG level. Machines like thermal conductivity of insulating powder apparatus, Composite wall, natural convection apparatus, pin fin apparatus, heat exchanger test rig are available in the Lab for taking trials and experimentation. This will not only enhance the theoretical knowledge of the student but also imparts a practical understanding and a feel of heat transfer and its applications.


I.C.E Lab

I C Engine lab is well equipped with Computerized multi cylinder Petrol Engine Test rig,Diesel Engine Test rig and Automotive Exhaust gas analyser.

On Computerized Petrol Engine Test rig we can performed Morse Test, P-? Test and Heat Balance sheet calculations.Report of all the test can be generated in MS word and Excel files on the computer interfaced with the test rig.

Diesel engine Test rig is a in-house project done by our BE Mechanical students. We can calulate all efficiencies and Heat Balance sheet by using this test rig.



The objectives of Mechanical Measurements & Metrology lab is to demonstrate the theoretical concepts taught in Mechanical Measurements & Metrology. To understand and use various measuring tools. To understand calibration of various measuring devices. To understand the basic measurement units and able to calibrate various measuring devices. To express error and correction factors of various measuring devices. To use measuring tools such as Sine Bar, Sine Center, Bevel Protractor, Tool Maker Microscope, Gear Tooth Micrometer, Optical Flats etc.



MSMT lab is equipped with the machine like jominy & quench appratus, polishing machine, optical microscope to observe different parmeters of materials. 



We have combined FM-HM Lab with different machine likes turbines, pumps for hydraulic process. we have mechanics to measure flow parameter like orifice, nozzlemeter, venturimeter,etc.


EG Lab

We have well equipped lab with facilities like tubelights, stools, green board and various poster related to first angle and third angle drawing.



Workshop is very important part for any engineering college. workshop is usefull for students to understand real life problems which they will face. we machinery like welding equipment, lathe machine, shaper machine, grinding machines, drilling machines,etc.

14th February 2020 IE ASSIGNMENTS
14th February 2020 BME Assignment
14th February 2020 EGD ASSIGNMENT
14th February 2020 FMHM_ASSIGNMENT
14th February 2020 CAD ASSIGNMENT
14th February 2020 Fundamental of Machine Design
14th February 2020 Dynamics of Machinery
26th December 2018 PT Assignments
14th February 2020 MMM Assignments
20th December 2018 ENTREPRENEURSHIP Assignments
18th December 2018 FM Assignments
17th December 2018 ICE Assignments
17th December 2018 RAC Assignments
1st August 2018 DME Assignments
7th July 2018 ET Assignments
7th July 2018 HT Assignments
7th July 2018 KOM Assignments
20th June 2018 TOM Assignments
20th June 2018 MSMT Assignments
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Got Rajya Puraskar Award for Bharat Scouts and Guides


The Student Of Mechanical Engineering Department of 4th Sem

The Bharat Scouts and Guides  is the national Scouting and Guiding association of India.





The Student Of Mechanical Engineering Department of 8th Sem.

He is the winner of the Brown Belt Karate at National Level


All India Inter UniversityRoller Sports Championship


Mechanical Department Student Rishab jain (7th sem) got 3rd rank in roller sports nation championship. 


Selection for Trail of World University Games Held at Chinese Tepei


A 7th semester student Rishab Jain also selected fro the trail of world university games which will be held at chinese tepei. 


Cyclothon 2018


Rishab Jain student of semester 8 got 25th rank in the cyclothon 2018, 40km cycling in 1 hour 11 minutes.


Perto cup,PDPU college


8th semester student Rishab Jain overall ranked 3rd and 1st position in 3000 meter road race. 


GTU Power Lifting Compitition Spirit-2018


Madrasi Chaitanya Vijaykumar student of 6 sem got GOLD medal in GTU Power Lifting Compitition Spirit-2018 held in SCET.


News Paper LOKTEJ


•Student from BMCET, Mechanical Department Laykumar's photo was published in Hindi news paper LOKTEJ


All India Shito-Ryu Karate Championship-2018


Rishi Ichhaporiya Rajeshbhai, student of 5th semester got Silver medal in Kumiti(Fight) in national championship. 


Extra ordinary Achievement in Sports


Rishi Icchaporiya, student of mechanical department (BMCET) participated in 1st All India Shito-Ryu Karate Championship 2018. He won silver medal in the tournament. He represented Gujarat at National level in category of 65-70 Kg weight. The tournament was held at Ahmedabad on 2nd September - 3rd September 2018. 


Congratulation from entire BMEF family....


Taekwondo Championship Winner


Parth Modi student of mechanical department (BMCET) participated in All India 4th HEROES TAEKWONDO INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2018. He won silver medal in the tournament. He represented INDIA at international level in category of 68-74 kg weight. The tournament was held at Bangkok, Thailand on 30th June -1st July 2018.


Participated M-CAD INDIA SKILLS WEST 2018 Pratik Ulkeshkumar Kelawala


Participated M-CAD INDIA SKILLS WEST 2018 Pratik Ulkeshkumar Kelawala